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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Congratulations, Minister of Health.

For the last couple of days, we noticed that you have at least, I dare not use the word finally because you may recur your mistakes intentionally or unintentionally, tried to refrain from attending the road shows organized by the chief. I iterate, your immediate boss is our beloved PM, and your bosses at large are the Rakyat of Malaysia!

You are still very young and if we are not mistaken, you are in the mid 40s. You still have a very far way to go, your political arena is full of blessings, if you treasure what you have now, but please remember all these blessings are from the Rakyat and from your sifu Lim AL. Lim AL is a very capable man. He had done a lot for the Rakyat and the nation. I recall an incident when there was a by-election in Pahang some time ago. The MB of Pahang earnestly requested Lim AL to help in campaigning even though that state constituency was for Gerakan. Lim AL rushed to that place after visiting a place where houses were burnt down (I think it was his constituency area) without going back home first. Can you remember how many days and nights your beloved sifu had been away from his house? Could you recall that the MB of Pahang made use of this sentiment and he uttered that “with Lim AL around, there is no worry of the by-election!” Consequently, the by-election was a great victory for BN. Can you remember that his mother was hospitalized then and he only went back to meet the mother after the by-election was over? Would you do that? Could you sacrifice not for your own interest only? Lim AL was an excellent State Exco and a good Minister of Labour (sorry I can’t use the word excellent for his performance in the ministry post as Dr. Fong had done much more and laid excellent work for the next minister who took over). This is the type of leader we Chinese in particular, especially those in the country sides, and the whole Rakyat in general, look for! Could you, and would you, follow what had been laid down by your sifu Lim AL as a politician? You were Lim AL's political secretary before, you know very well that he worked with his heart! He cared for all the Rakyat, irrespective of their dialects (not like the present one who cares much more of his own dialects!) and ethnicities. He was never selfish, except one thing: He insisted the parliamentary constituency he vacated must be passed to you (so you ought to follow his good practices!) and the ministry post must be given to Tan KC which later became one of the reasons for the occurring of the previous tremor and crisis in MCA, sigh! (We still can tolerate his actions for these two cases, after all he is still a human being who cannot run away from the weak point by choosing his own favourites.) I am sure you will know why Rayat, of all ethnic groups, still has him vivid in their minds!

You did a good job to help the SJKC which you had spent 6 years of primary school life by giving a handsome sum, but this is not enough. I am sure your village folks, your teachers and your schoolmates want to feel proud of you forever: the First Chinese Minister (an excellent and performing minister NOT a non-performing minister) produced by the village and the school! Congratulations again, you had created an excellent RECORD in the village and the school for the younger generations to follow! You need to help them to stand upright in front of every one and be proud of you forever! Your good name will remain as a legacy in the village and the school forever!

We hope you will really follow the KPIs set by our beloved PM. Please ask your secretaries to help you to memorize all the GOs, Rules & Regulations that govern all civil servants and cabinet members, apart from the DOs and DON’Ts. Please have more visits to hospitals and community polyclinics, check on the medical staff more frequently and avoid complaints against hospitals (like the case an MO was reading newspaper in a KL hospital. Please bear in mind, there is NOT even a second of free time during the working hours. The Hospital Director was WRONG to say that the MO made use of a few minutes reading newspaper while waiting for other patients to come in! To rectify this, you must apprehend GOs well !!!) from happening. Give your medical staff stronger supports as they are the front liners and I am sure patients who frequent hospitals also would like to meet you and forward complaints, if there are, directly to you when you are around. We are looking forward to have a selfless and excellent minister soon.

Congratulations again for doing things good for the Rakyat and the nation! (Dr. Wee was right in not following the road shows for many times.) Why should we bother criticisms from bloggers saying that you didn’t show your face in the road shows? Bear in mind, KPI by a Minister of Health for the Rakyat and our beloved homeland Malaysia is more paramount than the party issues.

May Buddha always be with you, blessing your conscientious contributions to the Rakyat and the nation.



ken tatt 健達 said...

Thanks for visit and precious comment on my blog. Your english writing is admirable!

Since I was a pure chinese educated student from standard 1 until Form 6, my Chinese proficiency has been much higher than English level. Besides, I aim for chinese readers only. Hence, I choose to express my feelings in Chinese in my blog. Hope you can enjoy my chinese articles.

You are always welcome to leave any comment on my blog. I just wrote an article about comparative stories between fog and horse.

Look forward to sharing with you.


Kg Folk said...

Hi, your Englsih is good enough. Are you from a pure Chinese secondary school (I mean the type of independent school 獨中) or a national type of school (國民型中學)? This makes the difference.

Your Chinese is superb! It's your absolute right and power to aim at the types of readers you want. Don't worry, I can follow all types of articles and writings in Chinese language without any difficulties, I suppose. The main problem lies with my 6 years of Chinese primary education only. I was in a pure Englsih secondary school then. Actually I am thinking of writing some articles in Chinese, the main hindrance is my inability to use Google pinyin or the software Chinese Star. You can leave your comments here in any of the three languages I had mentioned in my profile, don't worry about this.

I had read your profile and found that we are from the same university, that is University of Malaya. It is very sad to see the standard of the university is deteriorating. During my time, University of Malaya was one of the best, and it's world standard, now? Sigh!

Are you still persuing your post-graduate studies in Singapore? When will you finish your course? Will you be working in Singapore?

ken tatt 健達 said...

Mr Kg Folk

You asked so many questions in your reply. It's ok. Let me answer one by one. I completed my secondary education in Sam Tet 三德national type high school in Ipoh. Not to exaggerate, my high school is one of the top schools in the whole nation. My high school was even named the best school in Malaysia in my batch for producing the most full As’ students in Form 6.

Thanks for your compliment! I think I'm a little bit different if compared others. I like to read Chinese literature and history. I even always compete with my china seniors regarding Chinese poems and historical incidents. I spent 6 years in a pure Chinese primary school like you. Then, I continued to pursue to study in national type of school in Ipoh. For your information, these types of schools have been very common in hill city since Ipoh is composed of more than 70% of Chinese population. By the way, as I mentioned in my blog, I had not written any Chinese composition for more than 8 years after my Form 5 Chinese examination. Much as I hate to admit, my Chinese writing is deteriorating despite significant improvement of China historical knowledge and Malaysian political understanding.

Besides, I would like to declare that my English writing is not as good as you mentioned. It's because I do not write English articles very often. I'm a pure science student majoring in electrical engineering. I just need to write simple formal English for my study without flowery language and good description. And most of the time, I just need to deal with equations, mathematics and circuits.

I cannot agree more than what you said, University of Malaya is not as good as I expected. I was offered scholarship to study my undergraduate in Singapore. But I rejected. I chose to stay in this university. And I do realize that not only University of Malaya, Malaysia education standard is pretty low if compared to the other nations. This is the main reason I choose to further my phD in National University of Singapore. The top students of NUS are not only from Singapore. There are too many foreigners pursuing tertiary education here. Even the lecturers here are far more experienced than Malaysian professor.

I have many more years to go to complete my study. I have no bond for my scholarship. Hence, I have option after completing my phD. I'm just afraid Malaysia government do not want me if compared to the offer of Lion City.

If I have not mistaken, you must be much elder than me. Please forgive my rudeness. You’re sure more experienced than me in judging and critique writing. I understand that some readers do feel upset if their idols or favourite characters are blamed. I’m no exception. But as you can see, my articles have neutral stand. I support no side. I just describe the incidents from a newbie point of view with my own words. It’s an uphill task to satisfy all readers! I do accept any good recommendation. As you can make comparison between my first two articles, the previous focuses more on description and the latter aims for the equilibrium of incident narration and opinion sharing. In fact, I purposely wrote the previous in a traditional Chinese style to attract readers. If I did not use this kind of technique for writing, I’m quite sure that my blog would not receive such good comments. I will give more comment from political point of view for my following articles. In facts, I have plenty political opinion to share too but it’s not easy to find a good topic for writing.

May I know that whether you’re a politician? From your articles, I feel that there is a sense of belonging to some ruling parties. Please forgive me for making such assumption. I look forward to sharing with you again.

Best regards,

ken tatt 健達 said...

I would like to tell you more about my secondary education. I spent 2 months in independent school 獨中 before I joined Sam Tet high school. Although I was given tution waiver for my 1st year in that 獨中, there were still many uncertainties for the following years. I'm from a poor family and my parents are hard to find income. Hence, my mother made a decision for me to quit 獨中 after studying 3 months.

I have more self-introduction sharing with you. Most do not believe that how can an undergraduate survive without a computer for so many years in this modern day. My family was not affordable to buy me a computer during my study. I worked to accumulated money to buy my 1st computer (using now) in my final year of undergrad for my thesis project. Before that, I used to borrow my friends' computer for report writing and software simulation. This was how I had live for quite many years.

I even settle my own tuition fee by finding sponsorship. Sure not from ruling parties. Haha! Most from private sector in Malaysia and Singapore government. Honestly speaking, I did apply local government sponsorship but all were rejected. I obtained more than 10 scholarships from private companies but not 1 from government. It can at least verify that my interview skills were not as bad as someone expected. I was not brave enough to publish in newspaper like those doing nowadays. Matriculation? Haha... Public Service Department? Haha.. This is called Malaysia. One Malaysia!

Anyway, I like Malaysia! I love Malaysia! This is my motherland! I have a dream! “Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”, yes, I dare not to ask what my country can do for me, I just hope my country can treat us more fair and square. A little wish! Hope this is not an unrealizable dream. And this is the strongest motive force and root cause why I like Malaysia politics so much! I hope I can contribute my knowledge for nation-building in the future!

Innerknower said...




Kg Folk 说...
You said you are a psychologist, but from what you try to express here, sorry to say that I am a little doubtful.

You said: "相对于真相,人们更乐意相信谎言。即使一遍遍的被真相敲打,谎言还是会被称之为希望 .. "

I agree partially, but you have to understand many of them, as you said in the next line, are hoping for the best. For instance, house wives normally will forever believe or at least try to believe what their husbands say even though the husbands may have countlessly cheated them, hoping the best for the family and their children. Like wise, old parents will be very forgiving to their children who have committed many wrong doings etc etc. Don't you think that this is the slimmest hope that help these 'victims' live on? Otherwise, what can they do? They are not stupid! They are very harmless and innocent!

Then you aaid: "善良大多数时候是因为缺乏诱惑,没有受贿的人一般是因为没被人贿赂,所以做了好人。"

I think this comment is too drastic and absurd, sorry i don't agree. Maybe there are such persons, but we still have to hope for the best, have faith that there are still many good people around and they are very sincere to do khamma.


6/9/09 18:44

ken tatt 健達 said...

Mr Kg Folk,

Hi! You haven't replied my questions. Anyway,Innerknower is your friend? He sounds like not happy with your comment. Look forward to sharing with you again.


Kg Folk said...

Hi Ken Tatt,

You had provided with two lengthy replies; fantastic, and thanks for your effort of writing long ‘compositions’. Well, I normally will try to avoid people being disappointed, that’s why in my first reply I had to give you some compliments. Any how, you can, if you want to, use Microsoft Word to help checking spelling and grammatical structure, but there is no guarantee that it would not be incorrect! Nevertheless, errors can be much reduced. I hope you are not annoyed or agonized with my suggestion here.

You stopped writing Chinese for 8 years, yet you still can write such excellent articles in Chinese. You are just too great! That is why in my last message here, I could not but to say that your Chinese is superb, haha.

Yes, Sam Tet Secondary School, a Chinese-based mission school in Ipoh, is still a famous school till today, unlike University of Malaya which had deteriorated in research and academic standards since decades back! It was often mentioned in the Chinese newspapers years back about the achievements in the PMR, SPM and STPM examinations, and I strongly believe that you were among the top scorers during your years in the school, congratulations!

I am empathetic with your situations as I too came from a very poor family dwelling in a small village. My mother passed away when I was about 5 years old. In my bitter memories, I could not figure out my mother ever carried me before, as she was bed ridden after giving birth to me. I was deeply looked down by my village folks. I strived and worked hard as I never believed in faith. I wanted to have a break through, I wanted to conquer faith! I worked part time, all sorts of work a secondary school boy could do, including giving tuitions. Imagine, a secondary school student earning pocket money by giving tuitions. Then later maybe I was a bit lucky I had the state scholarship to pursue my studies in the varsity. So, I am today. I am sure you are already in your path leading to a bright future. I look forward to see your great achievements, Ken Tatt.

It is indeed very touching to see what you had written here: ‘Don’t ask what the country has done for you, ask what you have done for the country!” In fact, with your disappointments and agony over the government scholarships, you still can utter such statement, you are just too great! You are putting those PSD scholars ashamed! Some of them after graduations still need the scholarship board to find jobs for them, sigh!

I find that we do have some similarities in certain ways. We ought to treasure what we have today. I can be very annoyed with those who don’t appreciate what others have, in one way or another, helped them.

Maybe we should find a different way to communicate rather than to write too much here as some bloggers may not like to read our ‘stories’, haha. (No offence, please.) I am forever willing to ‘listen’ to what you intend to share, no worry.

Best wishes to all your undertakings.

Kg Folk said...

Hi Ken Tatt,

Sorry for the late reply. I was very busy with office work the whole day. I knew you had sent me the messages and maybe eager to get feedback from me, but it’s not possible for me to use office hours to do other work. I only managed to find some time to approve your comments first before responding them. Moreover, later when the office hour was over (I work till 4.30 pm), I had in mind to write some thing I saw in the newspapers during lunch hour. I intended to try to write a short message in Chinese. Constructing simple Chinese sentences is not a big deal, but writing in Chinese is like facing a blitzkrieg to me, haha. So, how do you find my ‘virgin’ Chinese article? Please give me very critical comment, I can take it. I am not like the person you said, Innerknower, who can’t accept comments. No, he is not my friend. In fact, I just happened to saw his blog and left a comment. Sorry to say that I couldn’t believe that comment had really annoyed and agonized him so much! Every one can have his personal views and opinions, right?

Oh, yea. I forgot to answer few of your questions. No, I am not a politician, but I am concerned of what’s happening around us, from A to Z, of course, politics, economy, education, culture etc form the paramount part and become major concerns! I think if you try to look at my profile, you can guess my age, I am much more elder than you, haha.

Innerknower said...




Kg Folk said...

Hi Innerknower,

Sorry for late response to your comment here. I was kindda busy recently, but more importantly, I was afraid if I were to respond to your massage, you may be annoyed or agonized again!

Frankly speaking, I did not view or read your article from the point as any party member. Honestly, maybe my grasp of Chinese Language is not strong enough. Subsequently, I didn’t find your article had any implying meaning related to any form of tremor or crisis in any of the parties! I only view it as from anthropological and sociological points of view.

Sorry if I had misinterpreted your article. Maybe you felt that I had interpreted something for something? But this is not true. You had over reacted in this small matter! A blogger must be able to accept comments and criticisms, more so any obloquy you have to face. That’s why I am gentleman enough to publish your comment here and let the followers and commenters of my blog judge who is right.

Please don’t have the kind of arrogant and haughty feeling and sense of pride that I must leave a comment in your blog to attract readers to follow my blog here. You are just a bit irrational and illogical in saying such thing! If you didn’t like my comment, you could have in the first place deleted it. Then no one will link to my blog after reading your blog. On the contrary, I am gentleman enough to publish your critical comment over here and people can link over to you blog. Obviously, I can’t say I let you use my blog to link over to yours. Can I say that you are writing something very critical here to arouse other readers’ attention to you? Non-sense, obviously I can’t say that. I am not so bold to say such thing too as many readers have other ways to link to your blog. Similarly, they too have other means to access to my blog without going through your blog. Please abstain from this kind of self-centred and over egoistic thinking. Aren’t you a psychologist? Sorry, I iterate I doubt a real psychologist will ever think in such a way!

Please don’t be so suspicious of others unnecessarily, and then your life will be happier. Pray that you will be As Happy As Larry forever.

May Buddha bless you forever!

Innerknower said...