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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


As usual, this morning I went to the traditional coffee shop to take my breakfast. Unexpectedly, I saw at least two of the former MCA leaders had made their stands to assert that the Central Committee (CC) of MCA, under the Constitutions of MCA, is in no position to review and alter the decision made by the supreme council since Dr. Chua SL did not put in appeal and had surrendered the case to be tabled in the coming EGM. This is parallel to what had been asserted and confirmed by the former MP of Kota Melaka lawyer Wong NC. He iterated such opinion prior to the meeting of CC in 19.09.2009. (Why is Wong NC so quiet now? Is he being pressured? We have been wondering whether he attended the CC meeting. If so, what was his stand compared to the report in newspaper that Dr. Ng YY refused to caste vote?)

CONGRATULATIONS, Tan Sri Michael Chen and Dr. Ting Chew Peh, you have finally stated the truth! Both of you were former MCA leaders gaining high respect from the party members and the Rakyat of Malaysia. Your words carry much more weight compared to the articulations from any of the present exalted, contentious, argumentative and disputatious leaders. Please ignore the regional leader, from the south, who commented on the two of you. Know what? He dared even passed insolent, impudent and scornful remarks (but only in Chinese papers) on the Menteri Besar of Johore, who had been irritated because of the change of the council members’ name list chosen by the MCA Divisional Committee without his permission. How lofty and pompous was he to go against the MB of Johore! We really hope that the Menteri Besar of Johore will teach him a lesson properly. Bear in mind, the present Menteri Besar of Johore, an old boy of Ledang English Secondary School, originated from Serom, Tangkak, is thus far, the BEST MB. He is very respected and honoured by all Johorians! His close and perfect relation with His Highness and the Royal Family of Johore is so tight and impermeable that there was no way to ask him to relinquish a state constituency to go for parliamentary constituency in the few past general elections without Johore Sultan's consent! Look at the previous MCA presidents who had headed the State MCA and contested the parliamentary constituencies in Johore before, who dared to not kowtow to the Johore Sultan, Royal Family and the MB? The MB of Johore should charge that disrespectful man to court!

Many of the formal MCA leaders have been trying to refrain from giving comments on the present crisis and tremor of MCA, except the ones who had performed ‘triple jumps’ before, but they were misleading in articulations. In fact, we had noticed that both of you had been keeping in very low profile recently and were very reluctant to give any comment on the present plight of MCA. The tremor in MCA has in a way not only exasperated and truly agonized many of its party members in particular but the populace of the nation at large! Apparently, MCA is in a very precarious situation. The party needs trust worthy seniors like you to help to appease some of the present leaders who are so arrogant, haughty, egoistic, irrational and emotional. These leaders have been exalted by their immediate supporters, forgetting the ordinary party members and the Rakyat are actually the main bosses!!!

Dr. Ting, you were a very famous professional in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia once. You had been invited to contest as an MP on behalf of MCA. You won, and you were appointed a cabinet post till you had been a minister before. You had been appointed as the Secretary General of MCA. During your time as a secretary, there was NOT even a single big controversial and disputable issue against you. You were a real scholar, knowing your duty well and had apprehended the Constitutions of MCA thoroughly. You had played your role well and definitely that was because you had always been following the constitutions of MCA very closely. You know the Rules and Regulations governing the MCA members, right from the president to the ordinary members at your finger tips! How dare a ‘young’ man from the south uttered against two senior people like you when you spoke basing on facts? How dared he question your credibility and uttered that you made wrong interpretation of the MCA Constitutions? What makes him so supercilious and lordly?

Tan Sri Michael Chen, you had been the Deputy President of MCA before. Even during your final term when there was some unhappiness between you and Tan Sri Lee San Choon, both of you were good examples of ‘Eton’ gentlemen. We did NOT see the two of you going round the country much in making unfounded, malicious, maleficent and noxious accusations against each other! Even if there were meetings with some of the local party members, they were just the normal gatherings without making agonizing accusations. During the crisis, your sole famous quotation: “以其跪着生, 不如站着死” not only has become a legacy in MCA but it has become a popular quote in the Chinese community! Likewise, Tun Ling LS and Tan Sri Lim AL were real gentlemen during their tremor of MCA, and both chose to step down peacefully!

The Chinese community in particular, and the Rakyat of Malaysia at large, want to see that all MCA leaders, Deputy Ministers and Ministers who are responsible, chary, meticulous, sagacious, free from any form of Corruptions (including the abuses of power and time), transparent, accountable, performing, and possess the qualities as EFFECTIVE and CHARISMATIC leaders.

Last but not least, the following two phrases should become MCA’s sine qua non forever!!!!!





Anonymous said...

Yawn.... obviously you do not know MCA and commenting as an outsider with limited knowledge. Can you stop fawning over the 2 old men.

Ting never did anything outstanding, just ask around, he was the worse Housing minister. Michael Chen just play along as he was just a follower.

BTW, if you are not an MCA member, you have no locus standi to discuss internal MCA issues?

Kg Folk said...

I am not fawning over the two MCA seniors! Please learn to respect ex-MCA leaders who had contributed, one way or another, to MCA and nation. Without those MCA seniors right from Tun Tan Cheng Lock's time, you would NOT be able to have an easy life in malaysia like today!

I am not like those young MCA members who do NOT how to pay respect to others and some are just like ... sigh! If one analyzes the whole situation, one will see that these pretentious men only dare to be heroes when mixing with the same ethnic group and speaksing very loudly and haughtily to the chinese newpapers reporters, but when they had been challenged to speak the same thing to malay or english papers reporters, they keep silent!

Whether I am MCA member or not, it's not important, most important is all Malaysians have the right to comment on any party or party leader who, in a way, affects our daily life!

Btw, my late father was one of the founders of an MCA branch, he might had it formed before you were born. So what's that for you to be so arrogant and supercilious?

Moreover, how many of you need to fawn for a living from the present leaders? Why can't the MCA members and supporters be like Wong NC and the MCA Woman Chief Mdm Lee PC from Seremban who have backbones? If you are not MCA member or supporter, then MCA still has hope!

anson said...

well, if only MCA member can discuss MCA's internal issues, then, MCA is not a political party, it's will become more like a company or mafia, a political party in democratic is open for public to discuss, but, in umno is an exception as we really cant discuss deep into umno if u in Malaysia unless u in USA or China or somewhere else which Malaysian government can caught u under ISA as i dont think these country will corporate wich Malaysian government in such ISA issues.

Back to the topic, i strongly agreed we must respect elders but not blindly respect, especially some leader in 1957's.

ps:i was wondering, our Malaysia future, if that Anonymous is younger, then i will worry more and more, if that person is elders, then is fine as human life is short and will end in near future then the issue solve;)

Kg Folk said...


You had given a very cynical but most appropriate and apt remark on Anonymous, haha!

I do agree with what you said:" i strongly agreed we must respect elders but not blindly respect, especially some leader in 1957's."
In fact, from my nest post in Chinese you would be able to see that I mean respect, but it does not carry blindly follow, we respect them but we may not follow them, right? Lee SY apologized to the Chinese community for making mistakes years back just before he passed away. This is a typical MCA leader ine the 50s and 60s who finally realized making mistakes during their active tiem as MCA leaders! What about the present ones? Needless to say, from the way their followers do, what you said again: "i was wondering, our Malaysia future, if that Anonymous is younger, then i will worry more and more, if that person is elders, then is fine ... " has become the worries of most of the concerned Malaysians at large!!!

N.B. You are in your sweet tweenties, but you obviously have a very clear mind, much better than those who claim thenslves to be leaders to lead Chinese communities, sigh! Myabe because you are an accountant (good at Mathematics) so you must always have a very distinctive, analytical and sharp mind? (一笑)